Vintage garden party food

Throw a Vintage Themed Garden Party

Vintage is the ‘in’ style at the moment, so why not throw a vintage themed garden party? The hot weather is arriving and this is the perfect season for a get-together. There are plenty of vintage items you can make or create to ensure your party is just perfect. Sew your own bunting, craft candle holders from recycled jars or search your home for old odds and ends to up-cycle.

Recycled Jam Jars

If you have some old jam jars in your house, give them a clean and turn them into a tea light candle holder. Add vintage lace or ribbon and tie it around the jar in a dainty bow. This would look superb on your table and adds a cute touch or you could even hang them with twine from a tree. These look spectacular when the sun goes down.

Vintage Tea Light Jars

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Vintage Light Bulb Vase

You can do something similar to the jam jar candle holders but with light bulbs. Recycle blown bulbs into beautiful vases by following these few simple instructions:

You will need:

  • Lightbulb(s)
  • Tweezers
  • Flowers
  • Twine or string
  • Screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers¬†

First, remove the small silver or brass coloured disk with the tweezers or a pair of pliers if easier. Once removed, this should leave a small hole in the base of the bulb. Carefully insert the screwdriver into the hole and twist until the glass snaps. Continue prying and twisting until you’ve removed all the glass.

Next, use the screwdriver or pliers to gently break the glass tubes and small wires from the inside. Make sure the light bulb is completely empty now. If you plan to hang your vase, tie a piece of twine around the silver cap securely.

Finally, fill your bulb vase with water and add your favourite flowers. It may look best with a few short flowers.

Vintage light bulb vaseImage from Pinterest 

You can do this with beer bottles, wine bottles and anything else of your choice! Different colours and sizes of bottles look beautifully vintage.

Bottle vasesImage from Pinterest

Garden Party Food

Once your garden is dressed to perfection, make a start on the food! A buffet or nibbles with a selection of treats is nice for a bite in the sunshine. Fill your table with pink lemonade, Victoria Sponge Cakes, mini sandwiches, macaroons and other finger food. Buy polka dot napkins and cups to add that vintage touch.

Vintage garden party foodImage from Pinterest

macaroonsImage from Pinterest

I hope the sun stays shining and you have a truly fabulous vintage garden party!
Shaaron xx

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