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Surprise Party Top Tips

The first rule of planning a surprise party is don’t talk about the party.  The second rule is don’t talk about the party!

Keep Schtum Surprise Party Invitations

You get the gist, it is notoriously hard to keep a surprise party a secret from the guest of honour but we have some tips to help you keep the secret.

  • If you live at the same address as the surprise it is a good idea to have your surprise invitations delivered to a different address, you can have a different delivery address to your account address when you open your account or if you are a repeat customer just change the delivery address when you place your order.  This is also a great tip for any deliveries for anything to do with the party.
  • Make sure you use a private email or mobile number for the RSVP, perhaps request that people text you their acceptance or ask a friend or family member if they will collect the responses for you.
  • If you think the guest of honour has sussed there is going to be a surprise party, arrange a small gathering of close friends and family for a meal or drinks the weekend or night before the big event for a ‘fake party’. Get everyone to shout surprise and let them think that they have had their surprise party – they will be more surprised than ever when they arrive at the main event the following weekend!
  • Make sure that the guests know to arrive by a certain time, try and make this at least half an hour before the surprise is due to arrive to allow for any hold ups.
  • Avoid the temptation to put up any decorations or balloons outside the party.
  • If you are having the party at home then ask the guests to park their cars at least a street away so the guest of honour doesn’t come back to lots of familiar cars parked outside.

We hope you have a lot of fun planning the surprise and good luck at keeping the secret!

Laurel and Hardy Surprise Party Invitations


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