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Pirate and Princess Themed Party Food

People are so creative nowadays, especially with food.  To give you inspiration we will be blogging regularly with some great ideas for party food, which are sure to wow your guests. There is a lot of shop bought seasonal themed goodies available nowadays but nothing is more satisfying than creating your own food masterpieces.

This week we have some great party food ideas for Pirate and Princess themed parties.


It is amazing how imaginative people are with the humble sandwich, turning an everyday lunchtime snack into a work of art.  Below are some themed sandwiches that would go down a treat at any princess and pirate party.

Crown sandwiches   Princess sandwich
Pirate boat sandwich

Pirate sandwich

Healthy Fruit Sweet Treats

What a great idea to give the children a healthy dessert.  For the pirate ship, split a banana sideways and fill with crème fraiche or low fat yoghurt. Place some strawberries and raspberries on top of the crème fraiche for the pirates and finish off with some fruity waves and rice paper pirate flags on sticks.  Add some fruit palm trees made from bananas kiwis and satsumas to the table for an effective healthy treat.

For the princesses, how about some magic wands?  Use kebab sticks, push on fresh blueberries, and top off with a star shaped piece of watermelon.   For the super ambitious you could assemble an amazing looking crown, filled with fresh fruit modelled butterflies and flowers?

Pirate boat fruit
Fruit tree
Fruit wands
Fruit crown



A popular finish to a party tea, these cupcakes are a delightful treat for little pirates and princesses, if you don’t have the time or skill to do them yourself there are now loads of local home based cake makers who would love to whip up an appetising treat for the birthday party.

skull and cross bones cupcakes

Princess cupcakes


If you are planning a pirate and princess party complete the theme with our themed invitations:

Pirate and princess invitation:

Pirate and princess party invitation


Pirate invitation: 

Pirate party invitation

Princess invitation:

Princess invitation

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  1. Don’t forget that a princess always likes to have tea and cake at her party, or tea and strawberry tarts, which are the typical princess food.

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