Party Planning Guide

The Date

Before you decide on a date for your party it is a good idea to check with the people most important to you that they will be able to attend.

To ensure maximum attendance try to avoid busy times like bank holidays or high summer, when many people expect to go away. Also try to avoid days when big sporting events or local annual events/festivals are taking place.


Before ordering your invites work out the number of people you wish to invite and can realistically afford to cater for.  As a rough guide, for every 50 people invited, expect about five not to attend your party.

Adding a mobile number or email address to your RSVP will encourage guests to let you know if they can attend beforehand.


Good venues can get booked up fast. So once you have decided on a date then you need to set about finding somewhere for the party within your budget that can cater for the numbers on the date you require.
If you are having a house party, remember you may need to borrow/buy additional glasses, plates cutlery etc, many large superstores now do a glass borrowing service.


If the party is to be a surprise or a have special theme then it is a good idea to use suitably themed invitations,  we have a great range of surprise party invites to let guests know they need to keep it quiet and not spoil the surprise.

We also have a wide range of themed party invitations from Disco to Decades, Fancy Dress to Fiesta.  Themed parties are great and can work well (anything from toga or gangster to Neon 80’s and 70s disco nights), but think about how your guests are likely respond to such invites, if you don’t think everyone will want to dress up then you can always add Fancy Dress (optional) to make sure that people don’t attend just because they don’t like dressing up.


Once you have decided on all the above then you are ready to order your party invitations.  It is a good idea to order your invites 6-8 weeks before the party date, this then gives you plenty of time to give/post them out and more time to gather responses so you have an idea of how many people are planning to attend.


A lot of venues offer good deals on food when you book, but if you are going to use a professional caterer they can require a fair amount of notice, it’s a good idea to start phoning around for quotes as soon as you know a date. Choose foods that most people can eat, and don’t forget to allow for vegetarians. It’s best to set up a meeting with the caterer so you can discuss exactly what you want, some will give you a tasting session before hand.

If you are planning to cater yourself don’t be afraid to accept help from anyone who offers or even ask all the guests to bring a plate of food, you don’t want to be stressing out still getting the food ready when your guests start to arrive!


If your venue doesn’t have a bar then you need to decide whether to hire a mobile bar or ask guests to bring a bottle (this can be added onto your invitation if necessary), check with the venue that you can supply your own alcohol as some may charge you corkage.


If you are thinking of booking a disco or a band they generally need a few months notice, more if your party is at busy times like Christmas, New Year, Bank holidays.  Take note of friends recommendations and talk to the entertainment to make sure they are happy to play the music you and your guests enjoy.


Make sure you know where nearby carparks are if there is not enough at the venue.  If your party is at home it is a good idea to let your neighbours know you are expecting guests.


You want to enjoy your party and not live it through your camera lense.  If your budget doesn’t stretch to having a professional photographer then find out if any of your friends/relatives own a good camera and are happy to be party photographer for the night.  Failing that disposable camera’s on the tables for guests to use are a good idea to capture your night.

And finally…

Remember – it’s your party – ENJOY IT!!!

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