No Plans for Valentine’s Day? 3 Ideas for Guaranteed Fun!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you don’t have any plans, so why not throw a Valentine’s Day party? Here are 3 fun ideas:

Singles Mingle Party

Invite all your single friends and ask them to invite someone of the opposite sex that hasn’t already been invited.  This makes a new mix of people at your party and who knows, with romance in the air some people just might discover true love!

It is a good idea to have some icebreaker games to start the evening or you could make it a themed party with fancy dress costumes – to give you some ideas we have some great invitations for themed parties.

Valentines Day Singles Mingle Red Damask Party Invitation

Girls Night In

Get all your single girlfriends together for an indulgent night of wine, chocolates and ice cream, face packs and finish off by watching a rom-com or your favourite girly film.

We have some lovely girly pink and black invitations you can order to invite all your friends – see them here

Valentines Day Girls Night In Damask with Ribbon Invitation

Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

 Perhaps you hate Valentine’s Day and everything it stands for so why not throw an ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’ party.

Of course, there needs to be rules for this event as you definitely don’t want it to turn into a ‘pity party’!  Make sure everyone knows they are not allowed to mention their ex at the party or say the dreaded ‘V word’ and there is to be no mention of love, flowers or chocolate.  This is a great way for friends to get together with loud music and partying whilst avoiding all the loved up couples dominating the pubs and restaurants.

Anti Valentines Day Rockstar Themed Party Invitation


Whatever kind of party you decide to throw on Valentine’s Day you can find some great party invitations to suit – all our invitations can be fully personalised so your guests know exactly what to expect.

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