Ideas for childrens activity parties

Children’s activity parties are becoming more popular as they provide a fun experience for the birthday boy or girl and their guests. A rented hall and a bouncy castle might not suit everyone and they may prefer a more active event to work off some of that energy. There are plenty of ideas for children’s activity parties to suit all ages and interests…

Pizza Party

Invite guests along to a pizza party where they can take part in pizza making and pick all of their favourite toppings. Guests will love eating what they have created during the day, this is a fun idea but can get messy, so make sure they wear an apron! Plenty of places like Pizza Express provide pizza making parties for kids, you can find reviews of that on netmums. Alternatively, host your own at home and get a range of ingredients in for the guests to choose from. You could also create your own pizza picture and play ‘pin the pepperoni on the pizza’. More info on that can be found here.

pizza party

Our great pizza party invitations can be found here

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Pool Party

What child doesn’t love getting their swimming costume or trunks on and going for a dip? Most pools offer children’s birthday pool parties and will get inflatables out for all the kids to play with. Depending on the amount of children attending and their ages you may ask their parents to attend to help them get changed and even get in the pool with them. If it’s a smaller group get someone to help you out with all the little ones.

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Our pool party invites can be found here

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Football Party

This is a definite favourite amongst boys, however we can’t rule girls out because there are plenty of female footie fans out there! This will drain some of their energy and leave them relaxed and ready for some food when they get back home. Why not make them some football themed snacks and decorate the table with football themed napkin, plates and cups. You can buy these at Argos.

football birthday cake

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We have great football party invitations that can be found here:

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Camping Party

Many children love the great outdoors and what’s better than having a big camping sleepover with a group of friends? Once you have found the perfect spot for camping think about the types of games you can play in the surrounding area. If you are camping near a wood, a woodland treasure hunt would be brilliant. Get out there before the children and hide a range of gifts for them to find. Get lots of marshmallows and make a camp fire so all the children can experience marshmallow roasting. They are guaranteed to love this but remember to keep an eye on all children!

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Our camping party invites can be found here

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Whatever party your child has we hope they have a great time!

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