Easter Egg Hunt Party Invite

How to Hold a Successful Easter Egg Hunt

Sitting here looking out the window at the snow falling heavily in March it seems inconceivable that Easter is only 3 weeks away!

Although a very important religious festival, for most people nowadays Easter always conjures up images of spring flowers, cute bunnies and of course chocolate eggs.  Easter egg hunts are great fun for children and adults and are becoming a popular event in the annual Easter festivities.

Here are some great tips to make the egg hunts fun (and not all about chocolate!)

The Time and Date

Easter is always a busy time so to make sure everyone can attend think about whether it would be good to hold your egg hunt the day before Easter Sunday. If you are going to have it on the actual day try to avoid planning your egg hunt at lunchtime or at the same time as the local church service.

Once you have decided on the time and date why not send out some Easter party invitations, we have plenty! This is one of our favourites…

Easter Egg Hunt Party Invite


If you have a good-sized back garden then this could be the perfect place to hold it, but it is a good idea to have a back-up plan for a rainy day. If you cannot hold your egg hunt at home then you could use a public open space but of course you may not be the only ones around and you could risk dogs sniffing out your goodies!  Alternatively, you could hire a room in your local village hall or community centre and combine your egg hunt with an Easter party.

Once you have decided on your location think about the boundaries of the egg hunt, for example, tell all the hunters that no eggs are indoors or if you are in a park put down markers so the hunters know not to go outside the boundary.

Suitable for all ages

Give a bit of thought to the ages of the children, if you have a mixed group you could decide to give the younger ones a head start or tell the older children they must leave any eggs that are on the ground for the younger ones. Alternatively, you could colour code the eggs – pink and yellow for those aged seven and below, blue and green for the older children.

Alternatives to Chocolate

Some children get so many chocolate eggs it is a nice idea to have gifts instead.  You could buy plastic eggs and inside hide some treat vouchers, for example, this voucher entitles you to stay up an hour later, or a fast food token, or trip to the park. You could put money or coupons in the plastic eggs, or put numbers in/on the eggs, which they can exchange for presents at the end.

Hiding places

Toddlers will love their eggs just scattered around the lawn but you might need to give a bit more thought to where to hide eggs for older children.  It is always a good idea to keep a list of where you have hidden each egg to make sure they have all been collected.

Turn It into a Treasure Hunt

A great idea for an alternative egg hunt!  Inside each plastic egg give a clue to where the children can find the next egg, children can work as a team for this.

Share or Finders Keepers?

If you want all the children to have an equal amount of eggs when they have all been found you could just share them out or you could tell each child to stop when they have found a certain amount of eggs to ensure everyone finds the same amount

If you are doing finders keepers then you could offer a small consolation prize to the child who collects the least amount of eggs.

Another idea to ensure all children have an equal amount is give each child a check list of what eggs they need to find which they can tick off, for example, find one large yellow egg, a small plastic red egg, one golden egg and a 2 big and 3 mini chocolate eggs.

It might take a long time planning and hiding the eggs but if all the eggs are found quickly it can be over a lot sooner than you anticipated so you could have some game ideas on hand to keep the children amused, how about:

  • Pin The Bobtail On The Rabbit
  • Egg And Spoon Race
  • Duck Duck Goose
  • An Easter Themed Memory Game
  • Bunny Hop Race

Whatever you plan we hope you will have lots of fun and don’t forget your camera to capture the memories of a great Easter Egg Hunt!

Shaaron x……p.s here are some more of our Easter invitations:

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