Host the Perfect Baby Shower With These Great Tips and Ideas

With Kate Middleton’s baby due any day now, we thought it’s a great time to launch our new range of baby shower invitations.

Mum to Bee Baby Shower Party Invitation

Baby Clothes on a washing line Baby Shower party invitation

 Although a relatively new celebration in the UK, baby showers are becoming increasingly popular. We’ve put together a handy guide to help plan a Baby Shower Party:


The Date

Traditionally, baby showers are held in the third trimester of pregnancy. If mum-to-be is working then it’s a good idea to wait until her maternity leave has begun. If you’re a friend hosting the party, make sure you check the date with the most important guests (e.g. grandparents) before sending out invitations.


If it isn’t possible to hold the shower before the baby is born, think about holding it when Dad goes out with his mates to ‘wet the baby’s head’. This gives the ladies a chance to get together and celebrate the birth at the same time.


The Location/Venue

It’s popular to hold the baby shower at home. However, if this isn’t practical there are plenty of other venue choices. You may choose a village or community hall – great if a lot of guests have small children as it gives the little ones freedom to play. If you don’t fancy cooking and/or clearing up after then think about hosting the shower at a local restaurant or hotel.  In the summer months, a picnic in the park with family and friends is the perfect setting for a baby shower.

Baby shower summer picnic

Party Theme/Decorations

Having a theme or decorating the venue is not essential but it does help set the mood. If the baby’s sex is known, you may want to decorate the room in a blue or pink colour theme. There are lots of readymade decorations available for baby showers – or alternatively make your own.

Baby Girl Clothes bunting for baby shower Baby Boy Clothes bunting for baby shower

Everyone loves seeing baby clothes hung up with little wooden pegs. Not only do they make cute and easy bunting, they double-up as a gift for the new mum. Have a look at our Pinterest board, which has lots of other ideas for homemade baby shower decorations.

Is it a Boy or a Girl?

gender reveal cupcake for baby shower

Gender reveal parties are the new craze for baby showers. If you know the sex of your baby and have managed to keep it a secret, think of a fun ways to tell friends and family at your baby shower. You could reveal your baby’s gender with a coloured filling in a cupcake, which all your guests have to bite into at the same time. Or why not release pink or blue helium balloons from a box?



It’s traditional to take gifts to a baby shower. Some mums register a wish list with Babies R Us or Amazon to save them receiving duplicate gifts. This detail can be added on to the invitation so guests know where to shop.

Nappy Cake Baby Shower Gift 

Rabbit Nappy Cake by
Baby Shower Gift by

Some mums-to-be don’t want the shower to be about receiving gifts. Instead of calling it a baby shower, invite people to a ‘mothers blessing’ or state ‘no gifts please’ on the invitations.



No-one expects a full meal at a baby shower but a cold buffet or baby-themed cupcakes always go down well.

beautiful baby shower cupcakes  clothes on a washing line baby shower cupcakes


A big part of a baby shower is playing games, from guessing games to action games. Here are a few of our favourite ideas:

Guess the baby food flavour:  Label some baby food jars 1 to 12 and remove all the other labels. Ask guests to taste each jar and write down what flavour they think it is.  At the end, add up the scores and whoever has the most right answers wins a prize.

Nappy Race: Time how long each guest takes to put a nappy on a baby doll. Whoever is fastest wins a prize.

Guest Graffiti: A lovely idea for a keepsake of the baby shower is to buy a white sleepsuit or baby towel and some nontoxic fabric paint or markers. Ask each guest to sign their name and write a personal message or draw a little picture.

Guess the Baby:  Include a note with your invitation asking the guests to bring a photo of themselves as a baby. Hang all the photos up on a string with little pegs and get all the guests to guess which baby corresponds to which guest.


Thank you notes

Once you have had the shower you might like to send a note to your guests, thanking them for coming and for any gift you received.  We have a range of thank you notes or alternatively, wait until baby has been born and combine your thank you note with a birth announcement featuring a photo of your new arrival.

Baby Girl Birth Announcement Thank You notes 

Special Delivery Birth Announcement Thank you cards


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