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Flashback to the 90s!

Thank goodness for the 1990’s and the growth of the Internet, for if it wasn’t for the Internet, you wouldn’t be reading this!

We love thinking back to that era.  Remember Gameboys, Tamagotchis and CD walkmans?


How about Beanie Babies, Furbys or Troll Dolls?


If you’re looking to stage a 1990’s themed party, there’s no doubt that the most popular parties were either Grunge, Rave or Hip Hop. Follow the fashion world and throw your own 90’s revival party!

Decorate the Venue

90's party reservoir dogs poster

If you are not going for an acid-house/raving 90’s look with smiley faces then think about decorating your party with film and music posters from the decade. Films from the 90’s were brilliant and there is so much choice – Titanic, Fight Club, Jurassic Park, Schlinders List, Speed  or you could go for a 90’s Tarantino/Criminal theme. True Romance, Resevoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, Jackie Brown & From Dusk to Dawn or Trainspotting, Leon, The Usual Suspects and Goodfellas are just a few of the amazing films produced in the 90’s.

For an authentic 90’s look, place some lava lamps then dig out all your old 90’s toys and games for guests to reminisce about the era. Magic Eye posters were a craze in the 90’s (although I never managed to see the pictures!) so put some up and  let your guests have another go. Don’t forget to throw some bean bags around the room!


90s party entertainment nintendo 64

Karaoke was big in the 90’s. Put on karaoke for your guests with song choices from the 90’s, or how about a gaming corner – find an old console like the original Sony PlayStation or the N64 and have a nostalgic gaming night of Mortal Kombat or Super Mario.

Dress the Part


90s fashion fancy dress party baja shirt

If you want to capture the look, head straight to your local charity shop for a checked, flannel shirt, ripped jeans and work boots for the boys. Alternatively, pick up a Baja shirt which is usually a woven, striped long sleeve shirt. They were worn a little oversized.

90s fashion fancy dress party baby doll dress with doc martens   90s fashion fancy dress party plaid checked shirt

Classic 90’s grunge fashion trends for women and girls included baby doll dresses with boots. The baby doll dresses were pastel or floral, with a small flowery design and the boots were combat boots or black Doc Martens. For an authentic 90’s look, wear white scrunch socks pushed down. A checked shirt for women is always a useful grunge accessory too and can be worn over your baby doll dress or denim shorts. 


90s rave party

The dress code for any true raver was simple. It was all about comfort so you could dance all night! Fila trainers, baggy sweatshirts and oversized loose jeans were favoured for outdoor raves and hot pants and crop tops were worn by clubbers.

90s ravers neon glow sticks

If you want to accentuate your rave persona, add a whistle, glow sticks, dark sunglasses, white gloves, neon colours or acid tie dye  and of course, the ever popular acid house smiley face. Don’t forget your bottle of water! 

Hip Hop

90's hip hop fashion

This had a big influence on 90s fashion as well. 1990s Hip Hop style clothes were very colourful, like colour block sweaters, MC Hammer pants and “Hyper colour” t-shirts.

snoop doggy dog 90s tommy hilfiger fashion  90s party tommy hilfiger fashion

Tommy Hilfiger was one of the most prominent brands in 1990’s sportswear as worn by Snoop Doggy Dog. In the mid to late 90’s, platinum replaced gold as the metal of choice in Hip Hop fashion. Artists and fans alike wore platinum (or silver coloured) jewellery, often embedded with diamonds. 

90’s Food and Drink

90s party food and drink margarita

Serving food synonymous with the 1990’s couldn’t be easier (and fairly unhealthy). Cheesy puffs, Hawaiian pizza or even McDonalds washed down with either Hooch or Mad Dog 20/20! For the more salubrious of guests you could serve them a Cosmopolitan.

We hope this blog inspires you to have a great 90’s party!

Shaaron xx






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