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Fantastic Drinking Games

What better way to enjoy a drink than to participate in a drinking game? You don’t have to get extremely drunk, but they are a fun and sociable way to spend the evening. They’re also a great ice breaker for the night and means you get to know people. Of course, you should always drink responsibly so don’t go overboard with the booze! 

Beer Pong

All you will need:

  • 20 plastic cups (or more depending on party size)
  • 5 ping pong balls
  • Table
  • Alcohol 

Typically in Beer Pong there are two teams, Each team member takes it in turn to throw a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cups. Around 10 cups should be set up in a triangle formation on each side and the teams should aim to land their ball in a cup of beer (or other alcohol) on the other end of the table. Each team should take turns attempting to land their ping pong balls in the opponent’s cups. If the ball successfully lands in the cup, the contents should be consumed and then the cup should be removed. The first team to eliminate all of the opponent’s cups is the winner. Sound like fun? We think so!

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Flip Cup

All you will need:

  • Plastic pint glasses for each person
  • Table
  • Alcohol 

This game requires a certain level of skill and the more you drink, the harder this game may become. To play Flip Cup, you need an even number of players so that you can split into two teams (preferably 8 or more). Players should be lined up side by side facing their opponent. Plastic pint glasses should be infront of each team member, filled up to an agreed level. To start the game, the first player must drink their entire drink as fast as possible. The empty cup should then be placed face up on the edge of the table, and the player should then flip the cup so it lands face down on the table. If this isn’t a success they should reset the game and try again until it is. Other players cannot continue until the cup has been flipped successfully so the pressure is on to get this move right!

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International Drinking Rules

This isn’t a game as such but everyone should be made aware of your drinking rules at the start of the night. Breaking any rule in place results in punishment. This game gets increasingly harder as the night goes on as people begin to forget the rules!

The Rules:

  • You must not swear
  • You can not call another person by their first name
  • You can only point with your elbow not your finger
  • You can’t put an empty glass down. You either keep it in your hand, or go and get it refilled.

Of course you can make up your own rules – these are just to get you started!

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There are plenty of games out there or you could make up your own! Find some brilliant examples here on

We hope you have a truly fabulous time, with plenty of cup flipping and ball throwing!


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