Easy DIY Homemade Halloween Party Food

Now you have decided to hold a Halloween party you will want to start thinking about what scary snacks you will be serving at your spookfest.  There will be lots of Halloween themed cakes and biscuits available in supermarkets or you can get creative and wow your guests with some home-made frightening fodder .

There is always a lot to do before a party so we are going to focus on foods that take minimum effort to turn them into ghoulish grub.


Sinister Savouries

Halloween Cheese finger Halloween carrot finger Halloween hot dog finger

Wow, a whole new meaning to finger foods!  Fix almond slices to carrots or cheese strings with a bit of cream cheese or attached a piece of white onion to hot dog sausages with a splodge of ketchup, use a knife to score marks for the knuckles.

Visit jojoebi-designs to see how they made the amazing severed fingers in more detail, and get lots more great halloween finger food ideas!


Halloween Frankenstein PizzaHalloween Scary Pumpkin Pizza

Top your pizzas to give them a frightening feel.


Halloween Spooky Sandwiches

There are lots of great ideas for sandwiches from buying Halloween shaped cutters to decorating the sandwiches to make them look terror themed.


Halloween Vegetable Crudite and dips

Turn  your dipping vegetables into creepy crudités and add extra bowls of salsa & houmous devilish dips.


Halloween mummy dogs

Wraps some thin strips of pastry around the top and bottom of hot dogs and use ketchup or mustard for the eyes to make these great ‘mummy’ hot dogs.


Deadly Desserts

Halloween Frankenstein pudding dessert

I love this idea, using a sharpie pen draw faces onto clear plastic cups then fill with a milk based pudding like vanilla angel delight tinted with green food colouring.  Crush up some dark biscuits like Oreos and sprinkle on top for the hair.


Halloween Banana ghosts and clementine pumpkins

Turn your bananas into ghosts with the help of some chocolate chips then peel some satsumas and add a white grape or small piece of celery in the top to turn them into pumpkins.  Horribly healthy, freaky fruit!


Halloween biscuit ghosts

Coat rich tea fingers with white icing or white chocolate and use chocolate chips for eyes to make these ghostly treats.


Halloween chocolate biscuit witches hats

The witches hats shown here are made with a chocolate coated biscuit with a hershey kiss pressed into orange fondant icing on top, so easy to make and more shops in the UK are stocking Hersey Kisses now or you can buy online.


Chilling Cupcakes

As I’ve said in previous blogs cupcakes can now be a work of art and I’ve seen some fantastic examples of elaborate Halloween cupcakes, but below are cupcakes that look great but need a minimal amount of skill to decorate.

Halloween easy to make/decorate cupcakes


We have put together a few of the ‘best bites’ we have seen but there is plenty of other  ideas on our Halloween Party Food pinterest board.



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