Vintage wedding invitation tutorial

DIY Vintage Wedding Invitations Tutorial

Your wedding invitations are the first indication your guests get as to the theme of your big day.  Trying to find the perfect designs can be hard work and very time consuming. This simple yet effective tutorial can be adapted to suit any wedding theme. By creating your own invites you have the ability to make them unique and personal to you. In fact if you have a drawer of old buttons, or some basic crafts this DIY extravaganza could cost you very little. So, if you have an artistic flair, why not get creative and impress your guests with handmade invites?

DIY Vintage Wedding Invitation

To make this adorable invitation, there are a few materials you will need;

  • Card
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue (PVA is fine)
  • Lace
  • Two different sizes of ribbon, one wider than the other
  • A flower centre piece, buttons, gems or sequins etc.

Materials for vintage wedding invitation
Step 1 – Work out what size you’d like your invites to be and then fold the piece of card in half horizontally. Take the lace and glue it around the front of the invitation to hold it in place:

Step by Step vintage wedding invite tutorial pictures
Step 2 – Then take your thickest piece of ribbon and wrap it around the middle of the lace and glue it down at the back. Make sure it’s not too long before you glue it, if it is cut the excess off:

Step by step images of invitation tutorial
Step 3 – Do the same with the thinner piece of ribbon; make sure it sits in the middle of the wider piece. For this tutorial we have used white and lilac ribbon, as this creates a vintage look. However you can use different colours and materials to suit your theme:

Step by step images of invitation tutorial
Step 4 – Cover the inside of the invitation with paper. Use the card size as a template when you cut the paper to make sure it is the right size. For a professional look, print the wording using a fancy font like this or handwrite each invitation for a more vintage, personalised feel. Position the paper and glue it in place:

How to make a vintage wedding invitation

Step 5 – To finish your invites simply place the ribbon rose, button or bow on the outside of the card and glue it in place and you should end up with a cute design like this:

Vintage wedding invitation tutorial

You can get some inspiration from wedding Pinterest boards. Here are some to browse through:

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