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Host a classy black and white party

A black and white theme adds a touch of sophistication to any party. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or dinner party black and white makes the whole experience classier. To execute this classic theme properly ask guests to throw on their best suit or frock fit for a posh event.


Gentlemen can wear nice black trousers and a white button down shirt. As for the ladies they should put on a black or white cocktail dress with some fabulously tall black or white stilettos. Let guests know whether it’s preferred that they wear all black or all white. I wonder how long those outfits will stay white after a few drinks!

black and white themed outfit

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Food and Drink

It may be quite tricky to find snacks to fit in with the black and white theme. I would just go all out with the desserts and drinks. Make a nice big black forest cake or dark chocolate chip cookies. You could even put dark chocolate into a chocolate fountain along with white marshmallows for dipping. As for drinks you could serve chocolate Martinis, mudslides or white Russians. These are great cocktails to serve at your party.

white Russian cocktail

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Your decorations will depend on where you are holding the event. Get yourself a black table cloth and dress the table with white cups, plates, napkins and even some confetti (silver or white would be perfect). If you have a black vase you could fill it with crisp white lilies and have this as a stunning centrepiece. We found some lovely examples for you

black and white table decorations

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black and white decorations

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Of course these have to be black and white! Set the bar high so your guests know straight away you are totally serious about everything only being black and white – we don’t want any pink dresses showing up. We have some classy black and white party invitations on your website. Take a look here.

black and white party invite

We hope you have a very glamorous evening

Shaaron xx

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