superheroes childrens party invitations

Children’s Superhero Parties

Superheroes are and probably always will be a child’s favourite topic. The thought that you can transform yourself into something completely different is an intriguing and exciting prospect. A superhero party will be popular with both genders and any age!

When it comes to children’s parties, the theme is always very important. Kids love to see their favourite fictional characters on their party decorations. Buy napkins, table cloths, balloons, dining accessories and other items featuring your child’s very best hero! The image below is from and features some fantastic superhero-themed foodie ideas. You could draw the superheroes yourself and stick them onto food boxes or print off your chosen images.

Superhero party food
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Decorations for a superhero party

The colours blue, red and yellow are commonly associated with superheroes and are the perfect colour scheme for your party. Phrases like ‘BANG’ and ‘WHAM’ look really great when written with bright colours in a comic style like below. If you can get hold of any superhero characters to decorate your table then this looks fantastic. Buy superhero plates and napkins if you can find them.

Superhero party table
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Superhero party activities

Children love to get crafty. What is a more fitting party activity than making their very own superhero mask? This is cheap, easy and will keep the kids occupied. They’ll love making something they can take home with them and show off to their parents. The style of mask below is similar to the one worn by the family members in The Incredibles – a popular children’s Disney superhero film.

Make your own superhero masksImage from LizardnLadybug’s

Superhero party games

How about pin the mask on the superhero? A spin on the classic ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ game. Make the mask (or whatever you choose) out of card, blindfold a guest and let them loose! Buy a large superhero poster or save some pennies by drawing your own!

Superhero party game
Image from Pinterest

You could even create your own mini bowling alley like the one below. Use painted bottles to add some super-style!

Superhero bowling game

Superhero invitations

If you’re looking for the perfect party invitation, how about one of our designs?  This invitation uses the perfect colour scheme and features some cute children as superheroes themselves!

Superheroes Children's Party Invitations

I hope your superhero party is a great success and all involved have a super time!

Shaaron xx

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