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Children’s Halloween Party Games

The best Halloween parties have scary decorations, creepy treats and, of course, spooky games. To make sure your little monsters are having fun right up to the witching hour, we’ve been thinking of fun games to play. Have you downloaded Mr Bones and his bowtie yet? For more inspiration, check out our compilation of children’s Halloween party games below…

Dress the Mummy

Wrap the Mummy Halloween Game


Split the party guests into pairs and give each group a white toilet roll. The object of the game is for one of the pair to turn the other into a mummy by wrapping them entirely in the toilet roll!

Depending on how many pairs are playing, you can give prizes for the quickest and/or the best attempt.

Brain Digging

 Spooky spaghetti for Halloween brain digging game Spooky eyeballs for Halloween brain digging game

Dig in amongst the ‘brains’ to find a trick or treat! Cook up some spaghetti (you can add some green food colouring to the pan of boiling water if you want to make them look more ghoulish). Once cooled, turn into a big bowl and add some ‘eyes’. If you can’t find any in the stores, make the eyes by drawing pupils onto ping-pong balls. On the back of half the eyes, write ‘treat’ and the other half write ‘trick’. Each child gets a turn and digs into the ‘brains’ to pull out an eye. If they choose a ‘trick’ eye, they have to do a forfeit (something silly like do an impression or show your best dance moves), but if they are lucky and pick out a ‘treat’ eye, they get a prize.

Pumpkin Bowling

Pumpkin Bowling Halloween Game

More toilet rolls needed!  Make some finger holes in a pumpkin and draw some ghostly expressions on the toilet rolls. Stack them up and see who can knock the most down.

Pop goes the Pumpkin

martha stewart halloween balloon pop game

If you have a lot of puff then this is a great idea from Martha Stewart.

You can click on the link to get full instructions but basically all you need is to fill some orange balloons with confetti and treats. Blow them up then attach them to a board in a pumpkin shape. The players take turns to pop the balloons with a pin to see if they have popped a treat.

An alternative to filling the balloons with sweets is to insert slips of paper with either ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ printed on and use the same rules for trick or treat as given in the Brain Digging game.

Can’t find orange balloons? Try black ones and attach them into a bat shape or white balloons to make a ghost.

Halloween twists on traditional party games

You can add a spooky twist to most party games. How about “Witch, Witch, Ghost” instead of “Duck, Duck, Goose” or Hot Pumpkin instead of Hot Potato. Use lots of Halloween objects and play the memory game and get the Halloween music on for some ghoulish musical statues.

Sleeping Mummies

Dead Lions is always the adults’ favourite game for the children to play at the end of a party. It calms down overexcited kids and gets them quiet.  Instead of lions, the children are sleeping mummies.  All the mummies lie down on the floor. When somebody moves they’re out until only one player remains.


Once the children have calmed down, you could finish the party with a nice Halloween film like Casper the Friendly Ghost, Disney’s Haunted Mansion or a classic Scooby Doo.


We hope you have a fantastic Halloween party that is talked about for years to come!  Why not take a look at our pinterest boards for more great Halloween ideas?

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