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Celebrate graduating with these genius party ideas

Coursework has been handed in and the number of exams left is dwindling. Soon students will be putting down their school books to enjoy six weeks of summer. Of course, for many this is the end of their time in education. In just a few weeks, university graduates will don gowns and mortarboards to collect their diplomas – the perfect excuse to throw a party.

Sweet stuff

Naturally, no party is complete without cake. However, with a bit of imagination (and a few sweets), you can create yummy graduation-themed treats to share with your guests.

Graduation party sweets | Party Invitations UK

1. Graduation cake pops by Catherine Mason Cakes
2. Diploma cookies by Land O Lakes
3. Candy cup caps by Bakerella

Bottoms’ up

Although Champagne is the obvious choice for a graduation party drink, a modest budget won’t get you many bottles. As it’s summer, refresh yourself instead with delicious cocktails. You could even jazz your drinks up with their very own mortarboards!

Graduation party drinks | Party Invitations UK

1. Fruity sangrias by DotComWomen
2. Pimm’s Cup by HonestlyYUM
3. Graduation drinks by the letter 4

Outfit ideas

Save dressing smartly for your graduation ceremony. On the day of the party, relax and show off your fun side with these clever outfit ideas.

Graduation party outfits | Party Invitations UK

1. Supergirl graduate from The Meta Picture
2. Graduation t-shirt from Spreadshirt
3. Graduation nails by 10 Blank Canvases


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