black and white party

Host a classy black and white party

A black and white theme adds a touch of sophistication to any party. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or dinner party black and white makes the whole experience classier. To execute this classic theme properly ask guests to throw on their best suit or frock fit for a posh event. Outfits Gentlemen can […]

Dig out your tie-dye top and throw a swinging 60’s party!

Psychedelic bright colours, peace symbols and fluorescent flower designs are perfect for setting the mood for your groovy get together. Your guests will love a 60s party as they can don their best hippy costume, let their hair down (or indeed up in a 60’s do) and enjoy some old school funky tunes. Music Well, […]

little girl dressed as clown

How to throw the perfect kids’ birthday party

If you are planning a childs’ birthday party we have some ideas to help things run a little smoother. When it comes to potential for stressful logistics, kids’ parties rank second to weddings! We’re here to give you some helpful guidance and inspiration for the little ones big day. Choosing a Theme they will love Picking […]

new years eve party decorations

New Year’s Eve Party Playlists

New Year’s Eve is the time most people put their best outfit on and head out for a fun filled night with friends or loved ones. If you are planning on throwing a New Year’s Eve bash this year we have put together a few playlists to get everybody up on their feet! Filled with […]

Great Ideas for Hosting a World Cup Party

Pretty soon the country is going to be in a football frenzy! If you are planning on hosting a party for one of the matches we have some great ideas. There will be plenty of football goodies available in the shops but nothing goes down better than some unique or handmade decorations and food. Invite […]

Vintage garden party food

Throw a Vintage Themed Garden Party

Vintage is the ‘in’ style at the moment, so why not throw a vintage themed garden party? The hot weather is arriving and this is the perfect season for a get-together. There are plenty of vintage items you can make or create to ensure your party is just perfect. Sew your own bunting, craft candle […]

superheroes childrens party invitations

Children’s Superhero Parties

Superheroes are and probably always will be a child’s favourite topic. The thought that you can transform yourself into something completely different is an intriguing and exciting prospect. A superhero party will be popular with both genders and any age! When it comes to children’s parties, the theme is always very important. Kids love to […]

Flashback to the 90s party blog

Flashback to the 90s!

Thank goodness for the 1990’s and the growth of the Internet, for if it wasn’t for the Internet, you wouldn’t be reading this! We love thinking back to that era.  Remember Gameboys, Tamagotchis and CD walkmans?        How about Beanie Babies, Furbys or Troll Dolls?          If you’re looking to stage a 1990’s themed […]

Roaring Twenties Party

Calling all lovers of 1920s vintage!

  Imagine transporting your guests back in time to an era of fun, fashion and frolics. We can’t imagine a better way to celebrate your special occasion than with a 1920s themed party. When we think about the ‘Roaring Twenties’, it conjures up visions of smoke-filled speak-easys, prohibitions, mystery and glamour.  There are so many […]