Ideas to brighten up your party

4 Ideas to Brighten Up any Party

When it comes to parties, those doing the hosting are always conscious of making sure the event is as exciting and memorable as it possibly can be. There are numerous ways to achieve this, whether you’re looking to spend a small fortune on creating a majestic party spectacle or want to achieve something grand on […]

Ideas for childrens activity parties

Children’s activity parties are becoming more popular as they provide a fun experience for the birthday boy or girl and their guests. A rented hall and a bouncy castle might not suit everyone and they may prefer a more active event to work off some of that energy. There are plenty of ideas for children’s […]

black and white party

Host a classy black and white party

A black and white theme adds a touch of sophistication to any party. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or dinner party black and white makes the whole experience classier. To execute this classic theme properly ask guests to throw on their best suit or frock fit for a posh event. Outfits Gentlemen can […]

little girl dressed as clown

How to throw the perfect kids’ birthday party

If you are planning a childs’ birthday party we have some ideas to help things run a little smoother. When it comes to potential for stressful logistics, kids’ parties rank second to weddings! We’re here to give you some helpful guidance and inspiration for the little ones big day. Choosing a Theme they will love Picking […]

new years eve party decorations

New Year’s Eve Party Playlists

New Year’s Eve is the time most people put their best outfit on and head out for a fun filled night with friends or loved ones. If you are planning on throwing a New Year’s Eve bash this year we have put together a few playlists to get everybody up on their feet! Filled with […]


Host an engagement bash to remember!

If you have just got engaged, congratulations! Arranging the engagement party is such an exciting element of the overall experience. It’s the key time to introduce people from your lives that will be seeing more of each other. As well as this, it’s also a nice opportunity to get to know both of your in-laws […]

Great Ideas for Hosting a World Cup Party

Pretty soon the country is going to be in a football frenzy! If you are planning on hosting a party for one of the matches we have some great ideas. There will be plenty of football goodies available in the shops but nothing goes down better than some unique or handmade decorations and food. Invite […]

Vintage garden party food

Throw a Vintage Themed Garden Party

Vintage is the ‘in’ style at the moment, so why not throw a vintage themed garden party? The hot weather is arriving and this is the perfect season for a get-together. There are plenty of vintage items you can make or create to ensure your party is just perfect. Sew your own bunting, craft candle […]

Cocktail for drinking games

Fantastic Drinking Games

What better way to enjoy a drink than to participate in a drinking game? You don’t have to get extremely drunk, but they are a fun and sociable way to spend the evening. They’re also a great ice breaker for the night and means you get to know people. Of course, you should always drink […]

superheroes childrens party invitations

Children’s Superhero Parties

Superheroes are and probably always will be a child’s favourite topic. The thought that you can transform yourself into something completely different is an intriguing and exciting prospect. A superhero party will be popular with both genders and any age! When it comes to children’s parties, the theme is always very important. Kids love to […]

Party games

Children’s Parties on a Budget

Children’s birthday parties don’t have to cost the earth to ensure you throw a brilliant affair.  There are cheaper alternatives to everything and they don’t have to be inferior to the more pricey items. A few quick tips from us would be: Have the bash at home to spare the cost of hiring a venue Dress […]

easter bunny cake

Alternative Ideas for Easter Party Food

When you ask a group of children what words pop into their heads when you mention Easter, it’s not surprising that “chocolate” is their first reply closely followed by the “Easter Bunny”. Like with Christmas and presents, it sometimes feels like we have lost sight of why we’re celebrating. We’ve decided to mix fact with […]

Venice Carnival

DIY Inspiration from the World’s Biggest Parties

Festivals and carnivals across the globe are a time when communities gather together to celebrate. Whether it’s a religious event or just a long held tradition, these parties are always joyous occasions. They’re also a good excuse for people to let their hair down and go wild with outlandish costumes and crazy decorations. Here are […]

Celebrate Summer with a Rainbow Themed Party

The warm weather has finally arrived! With no rain around to make a rainbow, create your own with a brightly coloured rainbow themed party. The kids will love setting up as much as the party itself – here’s some ideas of what to do. Set the mood Great fun can be had decorating a rainbow […]

Host the Perfect Baby Shower With These Great Tips and Ideas

With Kate Middleton’s baby due any day now, we thought it’s a great time to launch our new range of baby shower invitations.  Although a relatively new celebration in the UK, baby showers are becoming increasingly popular. We’ve put together a handy guide to help plan a Baby Shower Party:   The Date Traditionally, baby […]

Graduation sweets | Party Invitations UK

Celebrate graduating with these genius party ideas

Coursework has been handed in and the number of exams left is dwindling. Soon students will be putting down their school books to enjoy six weeks of summer. Of course, for many this is the end of their time in education. In just a few weeks, university graduates will don gowns and mortarboards to collect […]

A Traditional British Celebration!

A Royal Celebration The Queen’s official birthday takes place on June 15th this year and she will be celebrating in the traditional way with the Trooping the Colour ceremony. As my birthday is in January I would love to have an ‘official birthday’ in the summer months, I don’t think my celebrations would be quite […]

bucket bbq

Great Tips for Bank Holiday Barbeques

Barbeques are great for gathering friends and family together to have fun – you don’t even need an excuse to have one! The perfect time of year for a flame-grilled feast is over a Bank Holiday weekend. Everyone has an extra day off to enjoy and summer Bank Holidays always have a great party feel […]

Easter Egg Hunt Party Invite

How to Hold a Successful Easter Egg Hunt

Sitting here looking out the window at the snow falling heavily in March it seems inconceivable that Easter is only 3 weeks away! Although a very important religious festival, for most people nowadays Easter always conjures up images of spring flowers, cute bunnies and of course chocolate eggs.  Easter egg hunts are great fun for […]

No Plans for Valentine’s Day? 3 Ideas for Guaranteed Fun!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you don’t have any plans, so why not throw a Valentine’s Day party? Here are 3 fun ideas: Singles Mingle Party Invite all your single friends and ask them to invite someone of the opposite sex that hasn’t already been invited.  This makes a new mix of people at […]

Party Planning Guide

The Date Before you decide on a date for your party it is a good idea to check with the people most important to you that they will be able to attend. To ensure maximum attendance try to avoid busy times like bank holidays or high summer, when many people expect to go away. Also […]

keep schtum surprise invitation

Surprise Party Top Tips

The first rule of planning a surprise party is don’t talk about the party.  The second rule is don’t talk about the party! You get the gist, it is notoriously hard to keep a surprise party a secret from the guest of honour but we have some tips to help you keep the secret. If […]