Easter bunny cake

Easter Cake Inspiration

That time of year has come around again to ditch the diet and indulge in an Easter egg! Superstore shelves are stacked with an array of chocolate bunnies, Mini Eggs and Easter eggs, and they are currently flying straight off the shelves! If you’re celebrating the Easter Bank Holiday with friends and family, why not […]

Easter discount

Handcrafted Easter Decorations

The sun has shown its face over the last few days, the beautiful early spring flowers are in bloom and I am thinking about how to decorate the house for Easter. As you may have gathered from earlier blogs, I am a great fan of handcrafted decorations. This blog has some ideas for easy to […]

Free downloadable easter bunny party invitation

Free Easter Party Invitation Template

Whether you’re organising an Easter birthday party, a family celebration or an Easter egg hunt you, download this lovely, free Easter Party Invitation to invite your guests. A cute Easter bunny sits in the corner of this charming yellow and orange invitation. Just click one of the social buttons to either like, tweet or or […]

easter bunny cake

Alternative Ideas for Easter Party Food

When you ask a group of children what words pop into their heads when you mention Easter, it’s not surprising that “chocolate” is their first reply closely followed by the “Easter Bunny”. Like with Christmas and presents, it sometimes feels like we have lost sight of why we’re celebrating. We’ve decided to mix fact with […]

dotty cake

Have a great Easter with these fun party ideas

Although we know there’s a religious message behind Easter, that doesn’t mean we can’t use the long weekend as an excuse to have lots of fun (and eat lots of chocolate). To that end, we’ve scoured the web to bring you some ideas to make any Easter party entertaining for the whole family and, most […]

Easter Egg Hunt Party Invite

How to Hold a Successful Easter Egg Hunt

Sitting here looking out the window at the snow falling heavily in March it seems inconceivable that Easter is only 3 weeks away! Although a very important religious festival, for most people nowadays Easter always conjures up images of spring flowers, cute bunnies and of course chocolate eggs.  Easter egg hunts are great fun for […]