Roaring Twenties Party

Calling all lovers of 1920s vintage!


Imagine transporting your guests back in time to an era of fun, fashion and frolics. We can’t imagine a better way to celebrate your special occasion than with a 1920s themed party.

When we think about the ‘Roaring Twenties’, it conjures up visions of smoke-filled speak-easys, prohibitions, mystery and glamour.  There are so many fantastic, inspirational ideas for your themed party to choose from, but in our opinion striking colours such as black, gold and beige truly capture the feel of the 1920s.


Plan your Party

Roaring Twenties Party Invitations

Gangster & Moll 1920s Party Invitations

Let your guests know what to expect from your 1920s party by selecting the right invitations to tell the story. We have a range of 1920s styled party invitations in our Themed category. Whether you choose a stylish flapper girl, jazzy Art Deco or gangsters and molls, your guests will know to dress up from the era and expect a  roaring good time!

Decorating the Venue

1920s decoration - typewriter  1920s decoration

Ostrich feathers add elegance and style to any venue and can optimise the feeling of grandeur. Purchase an array of colours in various different sizes from  They can be arranged to make a truly striking piece as demonstrated below.

 1920s decoration - ostrich feathers

An inexpensive way to decorate your 1920s venue is to place jars of black and white humbugs and long string pearls around your centrepieces, which can also double as party favours.

1920s decoration - mint humbugs  1920s decoration

 If you’re lucky enough not to be working to a strict budget, you can always find a few incredible 1920s gems at Not only do they have vintage car props, giant gramophones and period sofas, you can also find fabulous art-deco pieces to decorate your venue as well as these magnificent ‘flapper girl’ panels.

1920s prop decorations

roaring twenties party props


 1920’s Style Cake

To compliment your art deco theme, cast your eyes at this divine cake from who offer exquisite cakes rich in both flavour and design.

Costumes from the Era

Vintage headbands are synonymous with the 1920s and if your guests have a creative flair they can always try their hand at making their own. Hope and Glorious Vintage is an events company who organise vintage themed parties.  Click on the headband image below to find out how their craft expert Sharron has created the ultimate flapper girl accessory.

1920s vintage headband

We absolutely love the idea of adding a 1920s touch of class to the 21st century on an evening out and have really captured that idea below.

1920s costumes



So, if the prospect of a 1920s party excites you,
we hope you have a ‘roaring’ time!



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