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Alternative Ideas for Easter Party Food

When you ask a group of children what words pop into their heads when you mention Easter, it’s not surprising that “chocolate” is their first reply closely followed by the “Easter Bunny”. Like with Christmas and presents, it sometimes feels like we have lost sight of why we’re celebrating.

We’ve decided to mix fact with fun to pass on some excellent party food ideas that tie in with this time of year. Although we have no doubt that chocolate eggs will still be purchased in abundance, we hope you enjoy our collection of alternative ideas.

Easter Eggs

Did you know the Easter egg is a symbol of spring since ancient times? An egg also represents the rock tomb out of which Christ emerged when he arose again. Subsequently the chick, hatching out of the egg, symbolises new life or re-birth.

We’ve found a fabulous idea of turning a boiled egg into something fun and creative using sliced carrot and black peppercorns. Alternatively, halve a boiled egg and mix the yolk with mayonnaise, then replace the mixture to give a fluffy chick effect.


How cute are these “chicks on sticks”?  Use small plum tomatoes and balls of mozzarella to create these tasty treats.

The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny has evolved from the rabbit (or hare) being a symbol of abundant new life in ancient times, and reminds us of spring and new life.

Serve a simple salad at your Bunny Party with these tasty Petits Palmiers tucked into the greens to look like bunny ears. Perfect for Easter, food can look cute and taste yummy too!

Being creative with your food can resulting in an exciting Easter-themed lunch.

Cast your eyes below at this marvellous idea of turning strawberries into Easter Bunny carrots, simply by dipping them in orange icing and piping a few lines on top.

These bunny biscuits are too cute to eat don’t you think?

Easter and Spring Flowers

When we think of Easter, daffodils, tulips and lilies are flowers that  spring to mind. Beautiful, radiant colours such as yellow and purple always signify the end of the drab grey winter and the onset of warmer days. They are particularly poignant at this time of year as they represent new life.

Cake pops are certainly a favourite at any party. These daffodil pops would look stunning on your party table.

Easter Nibbles

Most of us are familiar with hot cross buns at Easter time, the word ‘cross’ giving the game away. However, did you know that the humble pretzel is a food eaten during Lent, the twisted shape symbolising arms crossed in prayer?

Of course you can always try your hand at baking your own or use your creative flair to add an Easter twist to the pre-made variety.


The butterfly is one of the most significant symbols of Easter. Its whole life cycle is meant to symbolise the life of Jesus Christ.  The first stage is the caterpillar, which stands for His life on Earth. The second phase begins from the cocoon stage, portraying the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. The third and final stage is the butterfly, representing His rising from the dead in a glorified body of peace. You can incorporate butterflies easily into your Easter-themed party.


However you are planning to celebrate Easter, we hope we’ve given you a few ideas and if you are hosting an Easter celebration, don’t forget to order your Easter Party Invitations!





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