Ideas to brighten up your party

4 Ideas to Brighten Up any Party

When it comes to parties, those doing the hosting are always conscious of making sure the event is as exciting and memorable as it possibly can be. There are numerous ways to achieve this, whether you’re looking to spend a small fortune on creating a majestic party spectacle or want to achieve something grand on a low budget. If you plan your party well, you can even brighten things up without doing or spending very much yourself.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or any other event, here are four things you might think about doing to brighten up your parties.

Party Favours

Here in the UK, there has long been a suspicion of party favours. Like many things as they start to gain popularity in the UK, they have spent years dismissed as another unnecessary Americanism.

Despite this, in reality party favours have always been around when it comes to parties in the UK. While taking home a slice of cake from a wedding or a gift bag from a child’s party might not be what you’d traditionally call a party favour, it’s still taking home a memento of sorts from the event.

The way we view party favours in the UK is changing however, and providing small gifts to guests, sometimes ones specific to the guests themselves, is becoming commonplace. Consider introducing party favours at your party.

Get Creative with Décor

Getting creative with décor themes might be difficult if you’re hosting a party at your home, but if you have hired a specific venue then it can be very easy, and often cheaper than you imagine.

Party venues will be able to offer you a range of décor options, from the use of backdrops to incorporating different elements into the theme of your event, if you have one. A great money saving option here is to find a venue with a room that looks exactly how you’d imagined your event anyway.

Dress Guests to a Theme

Asking guests to provide the creative spark for your party goes back hundreds of years to the early concept of the masked ball, and continues today in the form of the fancy dress party.

How far you take asking your guests to dress to a theme is up to you. If you’re having a party with a Star Wars theme then naturally you might ask your guests to fit in with this. Alternatively, you may want to keep it simple, and ask guests to wear something of a particular colour or style.

Be Smart with Entertainment

Entertainment doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. If you’re booking a venue and want to use a DJ or a band it’s worth making sure you aren’t obliged to use their own in-house ones. If you are then make sure you know if you like them before you book!

If you’re not looking for entertainment to be provided all day or evening then fireworks displays are a great way to end the event, or have an event within the event. You should be able to book a fireworks display at a reasonable cost, while you also have the option of buying fireworks and taking care of the display yourself.

Make your party memorable by thinking of the different ways in which you can brighten them up and make them even more fun for you and your guests. Get in touch to tell us about your own party ideas and parties you’ve been to that have had fantastic features.

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